September 12th through the 14th, 2014


Wyoming, MN

With a Special Performances by


Friday Night from 8 - midnight

Maiden Dixie! sponsored by Polaris Industries        NO COVER!



Saturday 4pm

Marty Sonnek! Sponsored by The Cornerstone Pub and Prime   NO COVER!!



Uncle Chunk!   NO COVER!


Saturday Night from 8 - midnight


The Treasure has been FOUND!

Congradulations! to Kristin Johnson, Jennifer Hoyland, and Tammy Ferraro


Treasure hunt clues explained





1.       Geometry shapes the city we see, a square, a parallelogram or circle do not define me

Ashton Park is shaped Like a Triangle

2.       Stop and you will see 4 names that corner me

There are 4 streets that intersect Ashton Park are – Galen Dr, 259th St,  Flint Trl and 261st St

3.       A smart Child I may not be, but Jennie’s ABC’s will help excel me

The First School in Wyoming was opened by Jennie Ashton

4.       Tall trees encompass me, but leaves will not fall on me.

Ashton Park is mostly made up Pine Trees.

5.       Sit and Scoop and you can win the loot.

The Stagecoach was hidden in the sand by the digger Toy at Ashton Park.


Thank you Robb Linwood for writing these clues!


GIGANTIC TENTS WITH TWO STAGES, you won't get wet this year!

Sponsored by the Hallberg Family Foundation


The Wyoming Stagecoach Days Celebration is now coordinated by the members of the Wyoming Fire Relief Association





If you live on Glen Oak Drive, 266th Ct, or 267th Ct.

East Viking Blvd will be shut down at 8:30 am Friday September 12th and will not reopen until September 14th at

4:00 pm.

This closure is necessary to put up a tent on E.Viking Blvd for Stagecoach Days.

Some traffic will be rerouted through Glen Oak Dr. Mainly on Friday. You will notice an increase in traffic in your area.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Feel free to contact me with any questions at...

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